Prominent Futurist Has A Chilling Prediction About Robots

Are you worried that someday robots will take over the world like The Matrix? U.S. physicist, and futurist Dr. Michio Kaku thinks that someday people will need to implant chips in robots’ heads to prevent them from becoming killers.

During a recent Reddit AMA , Kaku warned that by the end of the century robots may be so advanced they will be a threat to the human race.

“I think we should chip their brain to shut them off if they have murderous thoughts,” he commented (via

According to Kaku, robots currently struggle with certain tasks such as picking up garbage and walking across a room, but he believes they will eventually have “brains” similar to that of “a mouse, then a rat, then a cat, dog and monkey”.

Once they begin evolving, robots may start replacing humans. At that point, people may want to merge with them, the futurist noted.

He explained: “But what happens centuries from now when robots and evade even our most sophisticated fail-safe system? At that point, I think we should merge with them. This may sound strange to some people, but remember that this is the people of the far future who will decide how far they want to modify themselves to deal with super smart robots.”

Kaku is a professor of theoretical physics at the City College of New York and CUNY Graduate Center. He has had numerous articles published in physics journals and has written books about string theory and quantum field theory. He has popularized science and has appeared on television, film and radio programs.

What does he think about Elon Musk’s latest initiatives? Kaku believes the SpaceX founder is ushering mankind into a Golden Age of space travel but is skeptical that Musk will have human settlers on Mars by 2024.

He noted: “I think Elon Musk has made a great contribution to creating a genuine moon rocket, the Falcon Heavy, and doing it with private funds. So now we have two moon rockets, the SLS and the Falcon Heavy, and that is what is important.

“Timetables, of course, come and go. Personally, I think his time frame may be a bit optimistic, but that is not the point. The point is that he is making it possible to enter a new Golden Age of space exploration, almost free of charge to the taxpayer.”


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