Red Headed Men Are Getting More Sex : Wonder Why?

Red-headed men (and women) have been considered less attractive than their blonde and brunette counterparts. A 2012 study by researcher Nicolas Guéguen published in the journal Psychological Studies demonstrated that men at a nightclub were rejected more often when they wore a ginger wig (as opposed to other colored wigs).

But times they are a changin,’ and a British pop star has been credited for changing women’s perspectives on red-headed men.

Have you heard of “The Ed Sheeran Effect”? It appears that the English singer-songwriter is indirectly responsible for helping ginger guys get more action between the sheets.

According to a new poll, red-headed men are attracting more attention from women these days because Sheeran is considered a sex symbol. In fact, one in five 25-34-year-old red-headed guys reported that they are turning heads now more than ever. Those surveyed said they’re receiving more compliments on the color of their hair and aren’t getting teased as often as they used to.

Women were also asked their opinion on the topic, and one in three said Sheeran changed the way they perceived ginger guys. What’s more, one in 20 claimed they preferred red-headed men over others.

It’s doesn’t appear that there is any scientific research connected to the poll, which was commissioned by online gambling website But it’s fascinating nonetheless. A spokesman for the company explained, “It’s unsurprising that red-heads are attracting more attention now than in previous years. Ed Sheeran has shown how his appearance has no effect on his talent and more people are embracing their natural colour. It seems that when it comes to gingers, the brighter the better.”

There’s also a thread on Reddit dedicated to the topic. And the consensus seems to be that red-headed men are good looking and sexy.

One user commented: “My boyfriend is a redhead. To be honest, I was never attracted to redheads and never thought I’d ever date one. I’m now noticing that I find them way more attractive now. Plus, they’re better in bed and more open to trying new things sexually (in my experience).”

Another added, “I’ve actually been noticing attractive redheaded men a lot more frequently since I started dating my boyfriend, who is himself a fantastically sexy ginger.”

Sheeran isn’t the only red-headed celebrity who’s on people’s radar. Some of the most popular ginger guys include Prince Harry and actors Ewan McGregor and Damian Lewis.



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