How To Do Robbie Burns Day

If anyone knows how to do a celebration right, it’s the Scots. And it’s universally known that they’re pretty good at drinking. This upcoming holiday honours both of those things, along with a notorious hero of Scotland’s poetry and arts.  Robbie Burns day is coming up on January 25, and it’s an annual celebration commemorating the life of Scottish poet and lyricist Robert Burns, whose birthday falls on the 25th. You might know him for his classic holiday tune, “Auld Lang Syne.”

The day celebrates not just the vibrant life of the creative Burns, but of his contribution to Scottish culture, celebrating it in all of its beauty.  Burns was notorious for being a simple bard – a rural, uneducated farm boy. In reality, he was extremely well-read and cultured. He also had a reputation surrounding his love for alcohol, which isn’t too surprising given his place of origin.

He’s synonymously known as the “national poet of Scotland”, and as such, lives on eternally as a patriotic icon of the country, and a literary icon worldwide. He never set out to be a trailblazer, but just a simple Scots bard showing love to his native land.

Burns is emblematic of bawdy, unapologetic Scottish pride, and for this reason, many celebrate his hard-lived life for all its worth, every January. Celebrate it in your own way– You can even follow it up with the traditional Burns suppers, matching the poet’s verses with famous Scottish dishes. Just make sure to have a bagpipe soundtrack along with plenty of whisky, speeches, and slurred “Auld Lang Syne”  performances. Try one of the tasty Scotch cocktail options below at home with friends, or at your local bar.

If you’re in Toronto, swing by the Dewar’s Scotch Egg Club Snack + Dram Bar pop up, or the Brazen Head in Liberty Village for classic Scottish drinks, eats, and music.


Dewars Scotch



 2 parks DEWAR’S 12 Blended Scotch Whisky

1 part Martini Rossi (Sweet Vermouth)

3 Dashes bittercube Corazon bitters

 Method: Garnish with lemon twist. Stir and strain. Glass and ice – rocks / large cube.



1.5 parts DEWAR’S 12 Blended Scotch Whisky

.5 parts honey syrup

.75 parts lemon juice

1 part unfiltered apple cider

1 egg white

Method: Shake and double strain into a coupe. Garnish with star anise pod.

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