Rock Legend Goes Country

Steven Tyler, the legendary lead vocalist with Aerosmith, is definitely a lot more than “a little bit Rock n’ Roll.” Now, he is a “little bit country,”. In 2016, he’d put out his first country album called “We’re All Somebody From Somewhere,” and had a number one single on the charts, with “Love is Your Name.”

Tyler has always been a special kind of performer, a Glam rocker from the 70s, bejeweled and bedazzled, while his signature long scarves gently flowed from around his mic stand. A peacock proudly strutting across the stage, while scatting and yowling like a man possessed.

He has shape-shifted like a spirit animal through the decades, surviving heavy drug use and the changing musical landscape. He continues to maintain his sobriety with a 12-step program.

At 69, his voice still has that amazing edge, yet there is a sweetness and a vulnerability that shines through. One can sense he is a true romantic, a man definitely in touch with his feminine side.

At this point in Tyler’s evolution, country music certainly is not the first choice one would expect from a Rock n’ Roll icon. Though, with his wild child vibe, flamboyant style, wavy long locks, signature blond streak, and painted nails, he might just be mistaken for Dolly Parton’s cousin.

The album was produced by roots music maestro, T-Bone Burnett, who has also been the visionary behind the haunting and breathtaking soundtrack to the movie “Cold Mountain” and the Coen Brothers “modern satire,” “O’ Brother Where Art Thou.”

He was also the titan behind “Raising Sand,” Robert Plant’s (Led Zeppelin  “rock god” vocalist) exploration into his own musical roots, alongside ethereal songstress Alison Krauss.

To coincide with the album, Tyler had released a video clip that beautifully showcased his new sound. It opens with his signature long flowing scarves blowing in the wind, as a sweet, earthy young gal dressed in 70s bohemian style, gracefully moves through a small southern village.

The song is a relaxed country-pop ballad, woven together by finger picking guitars, fiddle and complete with jangling banjo. It is like watching the sunrise on a dewy spring morning, while Tyler leans against a hundred-year-old tree, then joining the other musicians and friends in a circle, as if to bless the land and its indigenous past.

Most rock stars have created some kind of a persona that, perhaps represents a hidden part of themselves, but with Steven Tyler, who obviously has great style, has managed to stay true to himself. With all his “flashiness,” he is authentic and perhaps with country music, has found his true voice as he has stripped himself bare to reveal the artist’s soul. Of course, it has always been there, though in true rock fashion was just cranked up to “11.”

This past Saturday, October 21, he’d performed, along with Robin Thicke and David Foster at The Rogers Arena in Vancouver, BC. He has an upcoming show scheduled for November 4TH, in San Antonio, Texas USA

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