Seth Rogen Confirmed As Voice Of Vancouver’s Public Transit

Seth Rogen is replacing Morgan Freeman as the new guest voice of Vancouver’s transit system. TransLink revealed in a video on Twitter that the Vancouver-born star got the job.

Freeman, A.K.A. the “Voice Of God,” was originally slated for the gig as part of TransLink’s partnership with VISA. However, Freeman’s ads were dropped the day after the 80-year-old actor was accused of sexual harassment.

Twitter users immediately started offering suggestions to replace Freeman, including William Shatner, Will Arnett and Ryan Reynolds.

Vancouver Sun reporter Stephanie Ip put Seth Rogen’s name in the ring, tweeting: “I would happily listen to him announce my transit stops all day, every day BUT ONLY IF IT COMES WITH THE LAUGH.”

Rogen was amenable to the suggestion. He responded, “Yo if they need a replacement now let me know.”

TransLink liked the idea and recently confirmed Rogen’s involvement in the campaign.

“He’s been terrific to work with,” TransLink CEO Kevin Desmond told regional mayors (via CBC. “It’s great to have a homegrown actor speaking well of our transit system.”

TransLink will be launching a promotional video featuring Rogen as well as multiple messages that travellers will hear in the system in a few weeks’ time. The messages will be played for a limited time and will center on transit etiquette.

“Hey Vancouver, it’s Seth. Here’s a tip to make your transit ride even more awesome,” Rogen says in one of the messages. “I know your bag is probably very nice and you care deeply for it, but that doesn’t mean it needs its own seat.”

He can also be heard advising, “Get those feet off the seat” and “My Mom might be sitting there one day. Come on!”

Rogen was born in Vancouver and grew up using public transit. He notes in a video for TransLink, “When the opportunity came up to be the voice of public transportation, I was thrilled. I am honestly always looking for ways to participate in Canadian culture.”

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