Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Doesn’t Use A Computer

You may think it’s impossible to do a lot of jobs these days without using a computer in some capacity, but Twitter and Square CEO Jack Dorsey does just fine without one. In fact, he doesn’t even use a tablet to run the two multibillion-dollar companies.

Quartz reporter Dave Gershgorn got to the bottom of the issue after noticing that Dorsey commonly uses iPhone screenshots when he tweets. So he asked the executive a “serious question” about whether he uses a computer or laptop, and Dorsey replied on Twitter, “No.”

In a follow-up question, someone asked if he used a tablet, and Dorsey said, “Nope.”

When you think of all the things you do on a computer and imagine carrying out the same tasks on a smartphone, it seems a little daunting. But for a guy who runs two huge tech companies, it’s apparently not a problem.

Dorsey, 41, is worth more than $4 billion, according to Forbes. He co-founded Twitter in 2006 but was fired in 2008 before returning to the company as CEO in 2015.

Dorsey also does not have a specific office space or desk. He prefers roaming around the building. He told 60 Minutes in 2013 that “there’s a self-awareness that other people work here — it’s not just you.”

One of the first things Dorsey does every morning is to check the weather and Twitter after rising at 5 a.m. Then he meditates for 30 minutes and works out for 30 minutes.

Another unusual fact about Dorsey is his daily commute. This summer he revealed that he walks five miles to work every day, which takes him about one hour and 15 minutes. He’s been doing the daily trek for a few years, and he doesn’t email or text while making the commute. Instead, he unwinds by listening to music or audiobooks.

“It’s a very clearing time,” Dorsey told CNN Money. “I want to put as much unexpected potential in front of me because I think something that you don’t plan will always make you think differently.”

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