Unclogging a Toilet Without a Plunger

There’s nothing quite as horrifying as having clogged the toilet and realizing there is no plunger in sight. Whether you’re at a dates house or a party, we all sometimes find ourselves searching for a way to flush it down without the embarrassment of asking for help. The next time this happens to you, don’t panic. Try one of these tricks to quickly get yourself out of a poopy situation.

The first thing you need to do is find a container or a bucket and fill it with hot water from the sink or bathtub. If there are no buckets use your hands or a toothbrush holder. Hot water will cause the “brown you want down” to break up, allowing it to flush away.

If the hot water doesn’t do the trick, grab a bottle of shampoo, bubble bath, or some bath salts.  If you’re able to sneak into the kitchen, dish soap also works. These products will help lubricate the situation and allow the clog to start moving. This can take a little while so if you want to speed things up, add some more hot water and let it sit until the clog begins to break up. Be a good friend and replace whatever you use, or maybe get them a toilet plunger for their next birthday present.

If nothing else has worked and you are really desperate, use the toilet brush. This method is pretty gross so only use it as a last resort. Grab the brush handle and push the brush into the toilet hole, giving it a few pumps just like you would with a plunger. Sept away quickly and repeat until it flushes. This will probably ruin brush, but it’s better than cleaning up after an overflow.

Try to prevent this from ever happening to you by only flushing things that are meant to be flushed and by using a minimal amount of toilet paper. Happy unclogging!

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