Unconventional Valentines Day Date Ideas

Going to a five-star French restaurant will always get you points, but creating a memorable and innovative Valentine’s Day plan will score you even more. Create an experience that both of you will look back on with fondness, years from now. Up your game from teddy bears and roses with these alternatives.

Stargaze And See The Northern Lights At A Dark Sky Reserve

Stargazing might sound cheesy, but once you’re sitting in that dark vastness of the sky looking up at those tiny bright dots, your mind will reach a calm that it never can in the city. Elevate your stargazing experience with a visit to a dark preserve or a location where you can see the stunning norther lights. The closest one to Toronto is just over a two hour drive, at Torrence Barrens Dark Sky Preserve.

Cook A Homemade Aphrodisiac Meal

Cook a delicious candlelit dinner, with an extra zing. Include ingredients that boost your sex drive, like oysters, watermelon, and avocado. A feta and watermelon appetizer would go as a perfect follow up to an oyster platter. Other natural aphrodisiacs include olive oil, arugula, and pine nuts, which already sounds` like the perfect salad.

Book A Wine-Tasting Tour, Or Host One In Your Home

Going to a wine tasting is a good way to get a little tipsy, meet new couples, and try exotic tastes with a corresponding description from the pros. The ones in Niagara are a solid option. But you don’t necessarily need a vineyard. Buy several bottles of cheap, tasty wine and learn up on your sommelier knowledge to re-create this tasting, and snuggle up to a movie once you guys get your buzz on.

Go On A Romantic Hike, Pack Mini Bottles Of Champagnes And Picnic Goods

If stargazing is a little too passive for your liking, you can always up the athletic ante and go for a hike instead. Enjoy being engulfed by nature with bae, and fill a backpack with mini champagne bottles, a blanket, and snacks for an unforgettable picnic with a view.

Book A Hotel Night In Your Own City

While flying to the opposite end of the world and planning an extravagant vacation is one way to do Valentine’s Day, a more laidback and cozy possibility would be a hotel stay-cation that involves no flights or stress. Pick a decadent, local hotel and indulge in pay-per-view, room service, and an in-room couples massage.

Go To A Chocolate Workshop

Chocolate is the ultimate aphrodisiac, so it’s a no-brainer for V-day. Couples cooking classes are cool but a little outdated, and a chocolate workshop is the perfect contemporary alternative to that. Making chocolate with your partner is a unique bonding experience, and eating it after will rev you up for the remainder of the evening. In Toronto, our favorite artisanal venue is Chocolate Tales.

Attend A Burlesque Show

Going to the strip club for Valentine’s Day is kind of trashy, but if you’re looking for the perfect striptease prelude to your own sexy night, going out to a burlesque show is a classy introduction that ladies won’t be turned off by. Channel Moulin Rouge vibes and empowers your lady in a playful way – you might even get your own striptease when you get home. 

 A Second First Date

The anti-nostalgia folks are going to roll their eyes at this one, but this is a sweet way to re-stimulate and remember your relationship from Square One. Recreate the ultimate #TBT date of the first time you two went out together. Go to the same restaurant or cook the same meal, play the same music, and if you can, recreate that first swoon-worthy kiss.

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