World’s Most Expensive Men’s Underwear Features 24K Gold Embroidery

If you’re the type of person who likes to splurge on the finer things in life, a good pair of underwear is one place to start. While it’s not an item of clothing that your friends and colleagues will see, it can set the tone of the day. And dressing for success starts from the bottom (literally) up.

A comfortable pair of underwear can go a long way. So, how much would you be willing to shell out to get the perfect pair?

Underwear brand Nice Laundry has created a super soft pair of boxers that just makes you feel good. You can decide if it’s worth the US$1,000 price tag. What sets the world’s most expensive men’s underwear apart from its competitors are the details. The boxers are 100 percent cashmere and feature 24-karat gold “flying pig” embroidery. They come in black, have a horn button enclosure, and feature a stretch gusset “for breathability and movement.”

“We didn’t want to half-ass this cashmere boxer,” explained Nice Laundry co-founder Ricky Choi via Men’s Health. “We started with 100 percent cashmere—no wool blend or low-grade stuff —and worked with a team here in New York to hand sew each pair.”

You may want to act fast; the boxers are limited edition and designed to bring the company’s “detailed craftsmanship to new realms of comfort and luxury.”

Nice Laundry typically produces average-priced products, including underwear and socks. Its clothing is favoured by men who like comfortable, affordable essentials. For example, one of Nice Laundry’s top-selling products is its slim-fit boxers. The company also sells printed socks and breathable, anti-odour underwear made with MicroModal fabric.

As a bonus, you can monogram many of their products. In addition to your initials, you can put a skull, mermaid, or serpent on your boxers.

Is it worth spending a grand on a pair of underwear? That’s for you to decide. If you have the extra cash, and they make you feel good, why not?  Sometimes the little things in life can make a big difference.

One inconvenience is that they’re dry clean only. Even Choi acknowledges that the underwear is a luxury item not everyone will embrace.

“Between the price tag and the laundering instructions, these might be totally impractical,” Choi commented. “But we’re really, really proud of them.”

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