The Dreamweaver Planner

Want the ultimate daily planner? Here it is: the Dreamweaver Planner (starting at $38), now on Kickstarter. Oh, and there are technically three versions, depending on what you need.

All the planners come in real or faux leather (red, black, tan), have full zippers, and lay flat.

The Traveller comes with three or seven rings, four pen/marker loops, a pocket for your phone, a business card slot, four credit card slots, a flash drive pocket, four cord snap loops, a passport slot, a zippered pouch, and a snap pouch. There’s also a compact version.

The Planner comes with a 2016 calendar (available with or without dates and times), weekly inspirational quotes, notes section, goals section, two rigid dividers, recycled paper, 388 pages, forty blank pages, four whiteboard pages, and seven index tabs (whiteboard, positive words, travel, fitness, wellness, blank pages, personal). Oh, and all the stuff that the Traveller has, the Planner has too.

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