2012 Infiniti G37x AWD Coupe

There’s an old Beach Boys song, recorded before any of us were born, called “Little Deuce Coupe,” during which those clean-cut Americans joyfully chant, “If she had a set of wings, man, I know she could fly.” You might not like the song or haircuts, but you’ll agree with the sentiment after a spell with the 2012 Infiniti G37x AWD Coupe. It flies. Consider a spoiler.

The Heart of a Weightlifter
A 3.7-litre, 24-valve dual overhead camshaft V6 engine erupts with the slightest tap on the accelerator. It emits 330 ponies, so treat that pedal like nitro glycerin. The impressive immediacy of a 7-speed automatic transmission practically lifts you in traffic. There’s a sport option for manual up- and down-shifting, but the pedal’s so responsive you may ignore the option altogether.

Like many DailyXY readers, this writer needs to watch the points on his license. Only once during the week of the test did the G37x truly get to demonstrate its power. A lumbering, heavily weighted 18-wheeler, straining to achieve the speed limit, was cluttering up an otherwise empty country road. A gentle thrust to the floor, and we were past 16 of those wheels before my accelerating pulse even registered another second beat. G-force, gents.

Considering the power at your command, the G37x coupe performs (fairly) well at the gas pump. The Canadian Energuide fuel consumption stats rate it at 11.7 L/100 km in the city and 7.8 on the highway. Still, be warned: Canadian stats are always optimistic.

The Curves of a Gymnast
Not shy, the G37x: This vehicle calls attention to itself. It sports a long, elegant nose and shows off a cute rump that only an Audi TT could trump. Otherwise, it’s conservatively curved, giving off an impression of no-fat fitness. Topping out at 1.406 meters, it hangs low.  These designs aren’t just for looks. They translate into a ride that defies inertia in turns, clutching the pavement. The sport-tuned suspension translates intimate knowledge of the road directly to the driver.

But, yes, this coupe does call attention to itself, by simply looking like it goes as fast as it does. The ‘plasma red’ of this particular model only made it more of a magnet for point-seeking police. Careful: That sensitive pedal gets you to illegal speeds before you realize it. Good thing this G37x came with an optional feature I recently raved about in a Volvo review: Intelligent Cruise Control senses when there’s a vehicle in front of you, slowing automatically when some bonehead cuts into your lane, then reaccelerating to the control-set speed. Obviating the temptation to speed, it’s an option well worth consideration.

The Interior of a Fashionista
Amid a carefully art-directed hi-tech interface that includes HD navi system, powered by voice-recognition technology and a Bose sound system powering 11 speakers, sits a classic non-digital clock. The incongruity is tasteful and charming.

The omnipresent leather feels great, but this model’s was cream coloured, as were the carpeted floors. Sure, these show to perfection beneath sundrenched glass roof, but they’re a challenge to maintain in winter. And, as you’d expect with a power coupe, there’s very little room in the back, not that you’ll want to share this car much anyway.

Complaints about the neurotic colours and the back passengers’ legroom aside, the G37x Coupe is really all about the ride, muscled by that engine. Shut the door and you may briefly forget its power, so craftily quieted is the V6 beast. So, at least once a week, open it a crack before turning off the ignition and take in the music of the low growl leaking out the twin exhaust pipes. It’s more Barry White than Beach Boys.

2012 Infiniti G37x AWD Coupe
MSRP: $49,200
As driven: $54,900

Image courtesy of Infiniti Global.

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