A Lot of Pressure — Thanks, Honda!

This coming Tuesday, DailyXY will be represented by me and an old friend in a friendly competition sponsored by Honda Canada called CR-Zummer in the City.

We’ll be driving (you guessed it!) Honda CR-Zs throughout the GTA, sourcing the coolest stuff. Frankly I’m a little nervous.

While we’ve consistently reported the city’s coolest stuff for nearly 5 years, DailyXY never had to race others to do it. And if you’ve read this column more than a couple of times, you’ve probably inferred that I can’t afford another speeding ticket.

Then there’s the inevitable question whether something cool retains its cachet after 6 teams of people in bright promotional t-shirts and branded lanyards hurry in to photograph it, before bustling off to spoil another hip secret.

Hmm. Actually, maybe I’m looking forward it.

Regardless I do look forward putting the CR-Z through assorted tests. It’s a hybrid and I want to see how little gasoline I can use (see above re speeding tickets) without sacrificing fun. It’s a decent ride; Honda’s come a long way from Mad Men.

There are 5 challenges posted at the site and we’ll be getting more on the day. Still your suggestions for any these are most welcome.

When they ask for the coolest animal in the zoo, mustn’t it by definition be the sloth? And the coolest thing in most Toronto museums is the bar. Hottest athletic happening? Definitely yoga. All those back-to-school lovelies diligently stretching to sweat off those boozy extra summer centimeters.

But I doubt that’s what they mean in any of these cases.

Watch for the download next week after the event. Till then, 3 cheers for Team DailyXY: rah-rah-rah!

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