A Seductive Sedan: The 2009 Audi A6 3.0T S Line

Like most imported performance sedans, the Audi 6 3.0T quattro is conservatively dressed, disguising its muscle. You look like an avuncular diplomat driving it, but just breath hard on the pedal and you’re king of the road.

The Drive
Get the A6 out on some winding roads, then play with gravity and inertia. Four-wheel drive (quattro) adds heft but ensures you’re never stuck. Move from automatic to a six-gear Tiptronic transmission with paddles and you’re deeper into the experience. Tiptronic and quattro are standard with this model.

There’s magnificent cushion in the shocks but you don’t feel cheated of thrills – smooth comfort is carefully balanced with dynamic handling. Speaking of which, for an extra $2,900, get the S Line sport package. It includes some flashy accoutrements which announce that you’ve splurged but there’s genuine substance too: A sport suspension that makes the road almost palpable and 19” wheels with tires that cling like a psychotic ex-girlfriend.

Thrust and Power
A turbocharged fuel-injected V6 engine emitting 300 horses and 310 lbs of torque will widen your smile. Audi embosses its engines with their logo. Lift the hood for a look. It’s a sexy beast worthy of a feature in a design magazine.

An Embarrassment of Bling
Another $1000 for a BOSE Surround Sound may sound steep, but behind the wheel it’s sweet.

The side assist indicator lights announce when another automobile is approaching in the next lane and closing in on your blind spot. Bi-xenon lights swivel as you corner, anticipating your direction: Not essential in a brightly lit city but when the grid collapses, you’ll be the first one out in the hills.

Fuel Consumption
Burp. All that power comes with a price at the pump. In the city it chugs 13.5 litres per 100km but on the highway, a more civil 8.4.

WIGYL* – see bling
You will be noticed. Let your date start it with the single push-button then thrill her with the heated leather seats. The power isn’t just beneath the hood.

Base price $66,900
Price as tested $74,100

* Will It Get You Laid?

This is a test