Appreciate Your Food

When someone says Thanksgiving, weight loss doesn’t quite leap to mind. But to shed pounds and generally feel better, take a tip from that recent glutinous holiday: Appreciate your food.

1. Focus on your meal. Next time you eat, don’t multi-task. Shut off the screen(s) and phones. Stow the newspaper. It’s just you and your food.

2. Be appreciative of your meal. First, say some private words of thanks to Buddha, God, your higher self – your bosses for keeping you on – whatever. Just consciously acknowledge that, statistically speaking, you’re fortunate to be eating.

3. “Hey, it tastes better!” Continue appreciating. That is, eat slowly – chew, savour. You’ll enjoy it more and be sated sooner than when you’re distracted. Why?

Distractions suck the pleasure from eating. It becomes mechanical; you don’t appreciate the panoply of flavours. And what you don’t appreciate is by extension worthless. So you gobble your worthless meal, missing a magnificent experience, and becoming fatter: a lose-lose.

Remember: “Appreciate” has several meanings: to be thankful; enjoy; understand; and increase in value. So when you’re thankful for something, you’re increasing its value. Consequently, you treat it sparingly.

Sound like crap?

Scientific studies indicate that appreciative people – the thankful who consciously acknowledge their good fortune regularly – are happier, leaner and fitter! The self-help mavens call it the “attitude of gratitude,” an accurate if cloying expression.

So, go slowly and appreciate your food. You’ll fill up sooner and lose weight. A win-win.

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