Best Stuff of the Year: Objects of Desire, Part II

It’s the big question of the holiday season: What’s better, giving or receiving? Let’s err on the side of manliness and go with the latter. For justification, look no further then at the following list, the second-and-final installment in our series (Part I here) on the season’s most covetable things.

Barbour Dunelm Waxed Cotton Jacket
The classic coat has come a long way from its century-old British countryside roots, though thankfully, it’s changed little. It’s slimmer fitting, but its rugged waxed cotton will still stand up to the perpetual rain of the British Isles – and anything else you can throw at it. US $400.


Crummer Poker Tables
Any respectable man-cave needs a customized poker table from Halifax’s Crummer. Our dream table: Oak legs, a black whisper vinyl rail, a Japanese tamo ash wood racetrack, jumbo brass cupholders, and a stone grey “speed cloth” surface, depicting, of course, the DailyXY logo. From $700.


Alessi 9090 Espresso Maker
Who said feeding your addiction needed to be ugly? This iconic stovetop espresso maker, designed by Richard Sapper in 1979, won the Compasso d’Oro prize for design, and it’s on permanent display in the MoMA. It also makes a damn good cup of coffee. From US $45 – US $279.



FinePix Real 3D W1 Camera
This camera, which comes equipped with two lenses, might just revolutionize photography. Images captured with the Real 3D W1 achieve a three-dimensional appearance – without the geeky glasses. James Cameron, eat your heart out. $630.



Grid It
With endlessly configurable rubberized bands, the brilliantly simple Grid It will help you secure every gizmo and gadget snugly in its place. Perfect for the person who has everything, but hasn’t figured out where to put it all. See it here. US $20.


Lead image courtesy of Adriano Aguilo.

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