Beyond BlackBerry and iPhone

With all the “BlackBerry-Pearl-versus-iPhone” hoo-ha, we easily forget the alternatives. Enter Nokia’s über-thin E71. It’s loaded with all the 3G trimmings.

My first impression of the E71 is how cell makers are switching to chrome and aluminum covers instead of the usual brushed black, and Nokia spares no expense with a slick, futuristic look. The QWERTY keyboard makes it easy to text and answer e-mails. Although the E71 appears complicated at first, if you peruse the manual (which of course I didn’t) it should be pretty easy to figure out.

Indeed the phone is 3G enabled, which means it’s all zippity-zip on the mobile ‘net, and websites load in hyper speed. It’s GPS enabled so you can interact live with maps for example, and the video refresh rate is way more palatable than non-3G cells. But it’s the Rogers conglomerate that allows the E71 to unleash most of its functionality. The games are great and instant messaging was fun, but I had trouble watching video clips and the live TV channel wasn’t working.

But back to Nokia’s phone. I found it extremely light and easy to handle, and the flash bundled camera loads up some pretty clear 3.2 megapixel pictures. Best yet, it looks way more snap when I’m out for dinner, much more so than those cookie cutter cells on all the other tables.

And for that reason alone I’ll make the switch.

The Nokia E71 is available through Rogers Wireless for $99.99 on a three year term. For additional pricing go here.

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