Cool Winter Boots

Now that a white Christmas is as sure as a cold one, it’s time to retire the soggy Chuck Taylors and get some boots to carry you through till spring. Herewith, some smart footwear options that unify function and form.

Designer John Varvatos is famous for his mix of classic style and rock ‘n roll cool. He doesn’t disappoint with a buttoned Chelsea boot ($945), which has a worn patina that will only look better after taking some winter blows.

Hailing from Red Wing, Minnesota (a location not unfamiliar with blustery winters) the 1907 boot ($239) from the Red Wing Shoe Company is a durable classic that has found new cool courtesy of the Japanese obsession with authentic workwear.

From Whyred, purveyors of modern, minimal Swedish design, comes the Miles boot ($235), a sleek zip-up leather number that has the flexibility of a pared-down sneaker with the slush bounding capabilities of a real winter boot.

If you’re set on wearing your sneakers all winter long then this cozy sheepskin lined high-top ($195) from F-Troupe is a perfect compromise. The rubber cap toe will keep you dry when your girl’s UGGs are wet.

Adding refinement to a parade boot, this style from Hugo Boss ($650, above) reaches mid-calf but laces only partway up for a unique take on military style. So damn good-looking, you may even want to tuck your pants into your boots – a move only feasible to the truly daring.

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