DailyXY’s 2011 Gift Guide

Gentlemen, we need not remind you, It’s the most commerce-ful time of the year. For the first twelve business days in December, DailyXy is publishing lists, lists and more lists, across all of our editorial categories. This month, whatever your beliefs, policies, opinions or budgets, you will be spending money, disproportionately; DailyXY’s job is to make sure you spend that money wisely.

The Guide overview below, eminently bookmark-able, will be updated with hotlinks as each list is published. Here’s to Holiday Heroism: High fives and/or humbugs all around.


DAY 1: Thursday, Dec. 1
Cocktail culture, by Wes Galloway

DAY 2: Friday, Dec. 2
Canadian music, by Kyle Carpenter
Wheel wares, by Steven Bochenek

DAY 3: Monday, Dec. 5
Graphic novels, by Eric Grant

DAY 4: Tuesday, Dec. 6
Food & cooking, by Chris McDonald
GoogleBait, by Chris Wright 

DAY 5: Wednesday, Dec. 7
MENtertainment, by Matt Austin Sadowski

DAY 6: Thursday, Dec. 8
Uniquely Montreal, by Jack Allen
Uniquely Toronto, by Richard Trapunski
Uniquely Calgary, by Sean P. Young
Uniquely Vancouver, by Cassandra Anderton

DAY 7: Friday, Dec. 9
Him, by Russell Smith

DAY 8: Monday, Dec. 12
Tech, by John Spence

DAY 9: Tuesday, Dec. 13
Her, by Jowita Bydlowska

DAY 10: Wednesday, Dec. 14
Travel, by Tim Johnson

DAY 11: Thursday, Dec. 15
Books, by Ian Daffern

DAY 12: Friday, Dec. 16
Money, by James Miller

BONUS 13th DAY: Monday, Dec. 19
Editor’s picks, by Gary Butler

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