Four Romance Tactics

I know three guys who are extremely successful with young women. They are not rock stars, don’t have fancy jobs and/ or wheels; they are good-looking but are not stunning. One of them lives with his mom, one is a high-school dropout, one is a little on the heavy side. Yet, they date many, they date often, and they often date way out of their league (I dated Kojak, the dropout). Here are their tactics:

Teasing. The merciless, grade-six kind. For example, telling a tall, skinny girl that she should watch what she eats, asking an angel-faced hottie to put a bag over her head, making fun of a deadly Russian’s accent. A really good one is telling a girl her hair looks… different (not good, just different). I really hate to admit it, but if you piss us off and make us feel a little insecure, we will be intrigued.

Idiotic pick-up lines. It’s risky but it works. The more ridiculous the better: “What do you think about the song The Teddy Bear’s Picnic? Now, you have to be prepared to remain funny since all the bets are on your inner clown. If you’re not the funny type, go to number 4.

Charm. Kojak was charm personified. He offered to carry my groceries, teach me the Samba (which he didn’t actually know), make tea for my sick gay roommate. He was friendly and loving to my ex, and he was a dinner-party guest extraordinaire with his useless trivia. He was a natural. If you can’t fake it, friend up a natural: Kojak’s quiet best friend hooked up with my best friend.

Style. Sometimes even the shyest guy will appear more interesting if he dresses with flair. Also, compliment women on their jewellery (Will, the homeless one, is the only straight guy I know who always does).

This is a test