Girls Don’t Lie…Do They?

Girls don’t lie. Okay, I just lied there. I didn’t want you to get upset. I dare you to say that we lie more often than you because we are obsessed with feelings. We just think it’s really bad to hurt them. Still though, here are seven reasons when we think it’s okay to lie to you:

1. You are the first I’ve ever done this with! You may not be the first. In fact, you may not even be the fourth. But we know that your ego is at stake here so you are the first. Seriously.

2. My ex was a big jerk. No, he was not. This is a stupid one – women will often say awful things about their exes because they want to protect you and make you feel like you’re the best thing that’s ever happened to them. Until, of course, you become the ex.

3. You totally kicked his ass. No, you did not. He kicked yours, and we both know it. But I’m filling in for your mommy right now and in my eyes you are always the winner!

4. I think Rachel is great. No, I don’t think that. I think she is a bag of douche and is trying to break us up, but it’s not worth the fight to let you know how I really feel.

5. I have this one rule that I would never date anyone your age/ profession/ whatever. Actually, I probably would… I’m just not that into you.

6. Don’t worry about it, I love it. Hey, did you not notice that ecstatic look on my face when I opened it? Listen, I really, really love it, I swear. It will totally go with my mustard-coloured raincoat.

7. I’m fine. Sometimes this is actually true, other times it just means leave me alone. Leave me alone.

P.S. When we say we were kidding, it actually means we were kidding.

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