GMC SLT-2: For the Family Man

Nearly 5 metres long and 2 metres tall, the GMC SLT-2 FWD is part cruise ship, part family car. Check your biases at the door. Yes, many useful features make it highly appealing for passengers – they’ve thought your life through and know that women are key to making big purchase decisions. (And cupholders for all!) Fortunately they didn’t forget the driver.

For the passengers?

The lead development engineer is a woman and some of the features have a practical bent we don’t see much at DailyXY.

Take the ‘programmable rear liftgate’. It sounds like something to ensure the safety of a paranoid mid-western neighbourhood but is just the door that rises from the back when you push a button. You can program how high it rises to prevent it bumping against the roof of your garage or, as in our case, the bar from which our back gate hangs. I discovered this after it bumped against the bar.

It’s a big car and the standard rear-parking assist is a blessing. Touch-screen navigation puts the world at her fingertips (keep your eyes on the road, fella!) The USB port and satellite radio mean your passengers can hear whatever they want. There’s an optional DVD (gaming) player with individual screens and headphones in the back.

For the driver?

It’s very comfortable. There’s the captain’s seat so adjustable you’ll want to put in front of your TV. Front and rear stabilizer bars some the performance and feel of the road – but it’s very smooth.

Unless you’re hauling a monster trailer, you don’t need the optional V-6 engine. The standard Ecotec 2.4L direct injection 4-cylinder won a Ward award (try saying that 3 times fast) last year. Putting out 182 ponies@6,700rpm and torque of 172 lbs ft@4,900, it’s enough for most of us. And look what that engine can do!

6.1 L/100km, for real?

This Terrain was a front-wheel drive and, despite its size, light. Provided you’re careful with your foot, you can milk it. Of course that 6.1 is a highway stat. In the city, it’s a less impressive though not shocking 9.2.

Price as driven (includes taxes) $39,540

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