Grow a Moustache for Cancer

Introducing Movember: Grow a moustache to fight cancer

XYYZ invites members like you to participate in Movember, a fundraiser to fight something we should all be concerned about — cancers of the testicles and prostate. Here’s the idea: in November you grow a moustache and have friends, co-workers and family sponsor you.

The point? Two-fold: First, to raise funds for Princess Margaret Cancer Hospital; money raised by Movember’s “Mo Bros” will support research into testicular or prostate cancer; and second, to get guys talking now about these water-cooler evacuating topics.

And it’s not an easy topic to discuss. No surprise really. Chatting about the twins and the back-door latch with Barry from Accounting isn’t on most guys’ to-do lists. But did you know prostate cancer is the most common malignancy and the second leading cause of cancer-related death among Canadian men? Discussion leads to awareness, and awareness leads to earlier detection, which in turn leads to greater survival rates. So clearly it’s good to talk.

Movember exists to get guys talking in a humourous way. Because talking about something serious even in a joking manner is still better than not talking about it at all. Event coordinator Stepan Pruchnicky says, “They say laughter is the best medicine. Hopefully, laughter can be a part of prevention as well.” And as Lannie McDonald, Freddie Mercury, Rip Taylor and Salvador Dali have all demonstrated, big staches are indeed funny.

So be a bro’ – grow a mo’. Join here.

Throughout the month of November we’ll also do our part to help fight prostate cancer – we’ll donate $2 for every new member who signs up for the Wyre. And every XYYZ member also gets a chance to win a snazzy digital camera from Panasonic. And if you use our Tell-a-Friend form here, you could win a satellite radio from XM Radio Canada.

Since we’re on the topic of nuts, for all of you who are into contact sports, we may have found the ultimate masculine protection: The Nutty Buddy. At any rate, they have the most amusing promotional video we have ever seen for a cup.

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