Honey And Barry Sherman Death Officially Ruled Double Homicide

December 15th, 2017, prominent Toronto couple Barry and Honey Sherman were found in what was set up to look like a murder-suicide.   After 6 weeks of speculation, their deaths have officially been ruled as homicides #64 and #65 of 2017. The two were found strangled and then held upright by leather belts which were hung on the railing of the Shermans’ indoor pool.

The tragic and gruesome incident was a shock to many – the Shermans were beloved members of their community, and worldwide. Barry Sherman founded Apotex, a generic pharmaceutical company, while his wife was known for her passion for the community, and philanthropy. Though the couple had many friends, nobody thought of them with malice, making the root of this case even more complex. For many, they were supportive saviours and mentors.

Police are currently digging through numerous files and using warrants to search for potential enemies.  Lead Toronto Police investigator Susan Gomes believes the couple were targeted, though reports on the findings of these warrants and searches haven’t been released to the public.

The pivoting point in the investigation happened due to the second autopsy, performed by Ontario’s former chief forensic pathologist, Dr. David Chiasson.

He emphasized the wrist markings on the Shermans, which showed they had been tied up,  as well as confirming that the belts were the cause of strangulation, probably done by someone who had held and tightened the belt as opposed to a self-imposed strangulation. They weren’t found in a traditional hanging position, as a suicide would imply, but instead in semi-seated position on the pool deck, legs facing away from the water.

People are speculating that the bodies may have been killed in that location and placed there afterwards to frame it as a suicide. The police are looking into anyone who had access to the home, even via a lockbox.

Police have many persons of interest, but no suspects have been named at this time.

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