Leave the Primping to Us

It’s hard enough as a woman to set aside time for manicures, pedicures and waxes, not to mention the finances necessary to support these endeavours in addition to the price of make-up and haircuts. But, we do these things, social conditioning or not, to feel good and feminine about ourselves. But it’s even harder as a woman if you men are going to start competing with us.

Of course I love a man who is concerned with his personal hygiene and who looks like he takes care of himself. However, if I am staring at your eyebrows and wondering which aesthetician was able to create such a lovely arch for you and if I could have her contact information, this is when the trouble starts.

Unless your eyebrows resemble those of Bert or Oscar on Sesame Street, you really don’t need to have them shaped at all. And, while certainly I understand the desire for attractive hands and neatly trimmed fingernails, when you incorporate the word “cuticle” in your vocabulary, it makes me queasy.

You are man. Not mannequin. Leave the obsessing over personal appearance to me. Don’t make me even more neurotic by being so detail-obsessed about yourself that I become increasingly self-conscious in your presence. Men, we want you to be a bit wild. We want to look at you and envision a man who looks like he knows when to be gentle AND when to throw us down on a bed, rip off our clothes and take control. But, when you are fussing over yourself to the point where you are booking glycolic peels, Botox injections and talking about laser hair removal treatments, it makes me want to date Tarzan and live among apes.

This is a test