The Contractor Factor

When it comes to renovations, one of the greatest challenges is finding a contractor that is trustworthy and reliable. On too many occasions, I have been asked to take over the project management duties of a project because the general contractor has let the client down. Some contractors simply don’t show up when they say they will, drop a project mid-stream because a better opportunity came up, or simply hold the client hostage by jacking up their pricing knowing full-well that the client does not want to face trying to locate another contractor.

We have been working for the past six months on the new restaurant for my good friend and chef Paul Bohmer, who’s new restaurant banner will go under the phonetic spelling of his name: Boehmer. Paul managed to snag a great site on the hip strip of Ossington Avenue between Queen and Dundas Streets here in Toronto, and the restaurant is due to open the end of January. We have been working with a great contactor firm, ALG Inc. of Toronto.

Given that the building for Paul’s restaurant is some 80 years old and formerly housed an auto repair shop, we had numerous obstacles to overcome to transform it into the great space that it will be. The team from ALG performed flawlessly, brining in all the right trades and always answered my calls, which, although it should be expected, it has not always been the case with other contractors I’ve worked with.  The quality of construction has been excellent, ensuring the delivery of a top-notch finished product for Paul.

ALG also has vast experience handling residential projects, so if you were considering renovations, I would recommend giving them a call.

ALG Construction Inc.

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