The Key to Speed Dating Success

Sure, speed dating is superficial. But it’s also damn efficient, and when it comes to the search for your soulmate, who can afford to waste time? We say get out there and give it a go – but first, make sure you check this: XY’s 10 essential rules for speed dating.

1. Ask lots of questions, but don’t get too personal. Ask about her favourite movie, not her least favourite ex.

2. Don’t ask too many questions. Have a conversation. Nobody wants to feel like they’re on a job interview.

3. Dress like you normally dress. If you are a T-shirt and jeans guy, then wear a T-shirt and jeans.

4. Smile a lot. But not too much. That’s creepy.

5. Remain in the moment. Do not bring up your ex-girlfriend – or the names of the children you are hoping to have one day.

6. Don’t brag, but speak about yourself confidently. And don’t exaggerate; she’ll know you’re talking smack.

7. Be animated. Tell a funny story. The worst thing she can be is bored.

8. Pay her compliments, but avoid anything that could be misconstrued as sexual. Think “nice sweater,” not “nice rack.”

9. If you are nervous, embrace it. A little nervousness can be very charming.

10. Don’t tell her she reminds you of your ex. Or your mother. And, don’t tell her you love redheads/short girls/whatever she is. She wants to feel unique – not as though she happens to fit your agenda.

Image courtesy of Brandon Milner on Flickr.

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