Tissue or Diss You

Even guys with testosterone levels off the charts have tearducts, which spill occasionally. We women more than understand. It’s A-OK by us, and we’re not going to think differently of you if you do. We’ll even hand you a tissue. There are times, though, a very few times, that shedding a tear will force us to diss you. Read and learn — better than reading and weeping.


Love story
If we’re watching a tearjerker (Notebook, Brokeback) and you share a tear with us, we get to respect you in a whole new way. It’s nice to know that under that manly exterior, you’re capable of feelings.

You’ve lost someone you care a ton about. Shedding a few tears is natural and normal. Tell us what they meant to you and we’ll get it. It doesn’t make you a wuss or any less of a man in our eyes.

The Breakup
It just didn’t work out. There were good times and not so good times that led you to this point. Letting your tears fall tells us that even though it didn’t work out, we did mean something to you.


Your ex broke your heart
Sobbing about how perfect things were and how she broke your heart is not going to draw much sympathy from us. We’ve all experienced a broken heart, and we don’t want to see you weeping over someone else. Spare us the drama and seek help.

She may go back to her ex
We want a guy with some confidence. If you’re crying because you’re worried about the thought of her getting back together with her ex, keep up the waterworks honey, and she just might.

Image courtesy of Der Bobbel.

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