UNO: Two-for-One

Who doesn’t love a two-for-one? From extra hotel nights to clothes to drinks, there’s nothing like a little extra oomph for doing well, nothing. So why shouldn’t your cell phone be the same way? Coalescing GSM cellular technology and WiFi capabilities, Motorola and Fido have just the answer with UNO.

Put it this way: the UNO service piggybacks off a high-speed Internet connection, so when you’re in range of a WiFi signal, there’s no chewing up network minutes. Get it? Fido also offers a “free” Linksys Voice-Optimized wireless router that’s a cinch to set-up at home.

The router’s “V-O” add-on ensures maximum bandwidth for clear, crisp, voice reception as it wirelessly broadcasts or receives content like movies, music, e-mail, videos and more. Useful for home-offices, students or anyone who’d like to chuck their second phone line.

For now, the uniquely named MOTO Z6w is the only phone that provides dual support. Pretty much a carbon-copy of the RAZR interface, the Z6w’s screen appears sharper in colour and larger in dimension. There’s plenty of memory (4 GB) for graphics, sounds and videos as well as a zippy mobile Internet connection – which DOES NOT connect by WiFi.

But the major boon is that no matter where there’s a open WiFi signal in Canada (there’s a prompt to enter an authentication key), the phone could log-on, and your network minutes will log-off.

MOTO Z6w is available for $60 with a three-year commitment and Fido UNO service.

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