Sponsored: 7 Ways to Beat Allergies This Season

This post was sponsored by the makers of REACTINE®. Thoughts and opinions are my own.

Winter’s over, it’s another year before we have to talk about the damn polar vortex again, but there’s one thing that might spoil spring: enter the POLLEN vortex. Pollen is in the air, especially since all the old people in my neighbourhood insist upon award-winning gardens. Don’t get us wrong, they grow some mean roses, but itchy eyes suck, hives suck, and a constantly runny nose sucks. And then blows. So what’s a guy to do?

1. Take up new sports.

Bermuda grass got you down at the golf course? Jogging route become a maze of goldenrod? Well, you know what they say about crisis and opportunity. Join the club and pick up indoor squash, or leave dry land and start kayaking. Hey, no flowers on the open water!

2. Give your home a tune-up.

You’ve rushed indoors to beat the pollen, right? Well, better make sure that your home is free of other irritants too. Consider ripping up your rugs and going with hardwood—keeps the dust mites at bay. Speaking of, make sure you dust your blinds.

3. Go on a mould hunt.

Let’s face it: we live in a country that’s pretty wet at least eight months of the year (unless you’re BC, who we can’t hear over the constant muffle of their rain). Check your roof, foundation, vents, and other access points for leakages, and if you find any, get assessed for mould right away. Make sure you check those bathrooms too, and if necessary, get a more powerful ventilator fan. Finally, look into getting a dehumidifier.

4. Keep your pets manageable.

Have pets? Without scales? Then you have dander. You can solve that problem, though, without resorting to constant lint rolling like Drake. Bathe your pet regularly. Brush regularly, too—and if your dog objects, distract him with a peanut butter sandwich (vet permitting). A little spring cleaning doesn’t hurt either—steam clean your upholstery and service your ducts.

5. Visit your doctor.

We all have someone in our lives who’s pretty sure that they’re allergic to X, based on a few casual observations. Don’t be “pretty sure”. Leave behind the wishy-washy gut-feeling crowd, see an allergist, and find out exactly to what you are allergic. Your health is too important for guesswork.

6. Learn how to smoke brisket and have the neighbours over.

That probably won’t help. Can’t hurt, though.

7. Pick up some REACTINE®.

REACTINE® is over the counter, can start to work in 20 minutes, lasts for twenty-four hours and is non-drowsy. Their site has a sweet pollen forecast, which you really ought to check with the weather in the morning. Additional fun thing: here’s a coupon. Now go forth and enjoy an allergy-free spring!


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