Sponsored: Stanfield’s and Comedy Exposed!

Want to win five grand and the chance to develop a pilot for The Comedy Network? Great, all you need to do is shoot a quick performance set, submit it online to face the harsh judgement of your peers, and make sure that we can see your underwear in said video. Oh, and be better, funnier, and bolder than everyone else doing the same.

Wait, what?

Well, fame isn’t for the faint of heart, so Stanfield’s is teaming up with The Comedy Network to deliver Stanfield’s + Comedy Exposed! Want in? Like we said, strip down to your skivvies, shoot a video of you saying funny things, or singing something, or doing whatever weird talent you might have, and submit it to Exposed!, starting right now.

Want in, but in a less “do stuff in your underwear for the entertainment of the internet” kind of way? Head over to Exposed! and start rating your favourite submissions, which will be done on a scale—that we think has a lot of potential to catch on elsewhere—of one to ten briefs.

Just want to watch a “best of” kinda thing? Tune into the digital series Briefly Exposed, where comedian Graham Chittenden (the guy from Comedy @JFL42) will feature and analyze the most outrageous video submissions and, we hope, continue to rate things on the Stanfield’s briefs scale.

Video submissions are welcome until November 17, at which point the top five finalists will be announced and flown to Toronto. The final winner is announced on December 9 and given five grand, and the chance to develop a pilot for The Comedy Network.

See? Not a bad deal for three minutes of work, which you can do from home, and in your underwear.

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