$320 Million Yacht

We know how it is: the Mediterranean is full of former war criminals, and Key West is full of new money. Where’s an obscenely wealthy yacht owner to go? How about the middle of the Pacific?

One of the few yachts that can safely survive in the middle of nowhere, the Nirvana is up for sale, and it can be yours for a third of a billion dollars.

Why so much? Nirvana has five decks, six cabins (one master deck that can be made totally private, a VIP cabin, and four others), eleven other cabins for crew, a swimming pool, a main salon, a bar, an exotic reptile house, a gym, a spa, a massage room, a 3D cinema, a helideck, a ski boat, and ten jet skis.

See? It turns out that not only is Nirvana obtainable, but you obtain it via shameless materialism.

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