Do you need to document everything noteworthy about your life? Share it with Facebook, make a lame documentary, or cautiously maintain files for insurance and legal purposes?

Happily, we live in the age of constant CCTV surveillance, and no you can join in with the Autographer ($600). It’s a wearable camera that is, according to makers OMG, intelligent. It has five sensors that feed a sophisticated algorithm that tells the camera when to take a picture. What kind of sensors? Well, it has an accelerometer, a colour sensor, a magnetometer, a thermometer, and a passive infrared sensor, along with a GPS. The camera uses all that data to predict when something will make a good picture, and then it takes one, or several dozen. It has eight gigs of storage space, so you’re set for extended picture-taking.

However, we recommend turning it off in the bathroom, or you will be beaten. Trust us.

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