Cable Drop

Know that “life hack” where you put monster clips on the side of your desk to hold your cables? It’s stupid and terrible. Aside from looking like something an ninth grader “invented” during the course of his regularly-scheduled cycle of destruction and haphazard tinkering (which was probably the case), it doesn’t work that well. Your desk might be too thick for the clips, or the clips too large for your cables, or the edge of your desk might not be where you want the cable tethered . . . besides, clips can’t be much cheaper than the ascetically-pleasing solution to temporarily adhering a cable to your desk: the Cable Drop ($10 for a six pack).

How do they work? You peel and stick your cable drop to the table, slap your cable in there . . . and done. Prediction: the office supply cabinet will start stocking these instead of stupid monster clips.

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