Craftsmen Dry Erase Tool Chest

If you’ve got a garage, you’ve got a tool chest—and it’d be a pretty good bet that your tool chest is one of the many made by Craftsmen. They’re heavy duty, they’re on castors, they can hold approximately two-and-a-half Christmases worth of tools—really, how can you improve on that?

Well, this new version (available via Sears for $400 and $525) is white and dry-erasable, allowing you to easily label everything. Granted, it’s not as pretty as the fire truck red, but we appreciate the utility.

We can’t figure out why they’d only make it a limited edition, since being able to write in dry erase marker on your tool chest seems pretty useful . . . wait, what prevents us from just using dry erase on our normal Craftsmen tool chest? We’re off to the garage to test this out.

This is a test