Google’s Game Console

The console wars look like they’re going to get crowded: the Wall Street Journal is reporting that tech giant Google is getting ready to jump into the fray.

Google’s hypothetical console would be based on Android, which already powers three quarters of smartphones and over fifty per cent of tablets shipped in the first quarter of this year. Those figures represent a significant market for mobile games, a huge market.

The WSJ’s source has said that Google intends on designing and marketing the device itself, and is aiming for a fall release. Of course, fall is the intended release of Sony’s PS4 (November 14) and the Xbox One (also November).

That said, Google is also competing with the Ouya, a crowd-funded and developer-friendly device powered by Android. It recently went on sale for a scant $99.

Furthermore, rumours that Apple TV will evolve into a game system won’t quit. Also, the Steam Box (and third party Steam Boxes) are on the horizon, though Valve Time may guarantee that they stay there.

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