How Long Will it Take to Beat that Video Game?

You’re a hard-working guy. You love your video games, but, unlike Steve from marketing who doesn’t yet know that he has one foot out the door, you’re business before pleasure. That’s why you haven’t gotten around to BioShock Infinite yet.

Here’s the thing, though: will a weekend be enough time for a full play-through, or should you wait for your week off? It’s the perennial dilemma of the video gamer who is also gainfully employed; it’s also why howlongtobeat exists.

The concept is simple: You click on your game, and the site tells you the average completion time. It can also break it down by play style (speed runs, main story only, main story plus side quests, and completionist), by speed (quickest, average, median average, and longest) and by system. It also tells you how many people are reporting, so you know if there’s a good sample size. It looks like BioShock Infinite will take us around fourteen hours, since we want to do more than just the main story but probably won’t get bogged down in the completionist rigmarole.

The final step is to report your own time, since it’s always good to pay it forward. The DLC step is to click around the site to find the longest reported times. Someone spent 1,502 hours on Skyrim. Damn.

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