Ideum Presenter 65-Inch Touch Wall

Sometimes you need a larger prop to make a point, like a giant touch screen that wouldn’t be out of place in Tony Stark’s office .  . or Doctor Evil’s volcano.

Ideum’s Presenter ($17,500~) touch wall is such a device. It’s basically a giant tablet, with a solid state multitouch system that supports around forty touch points. It comes with a lifetime license of GestureWorks core GestureWorks Flash Professional, which will let you (or your minions) author by touch. As you’d expect, it’s 1080p with a 1080p camera, and it has a Bluetooth keyboard, integrated speakers, HDMI input, and you can mount the sucker on the wall.

The one sort of ridiculous thing about it is that it’s actually sixty inches wide; sixty-five is what they advertise, but the fine print reads “measured diagonally”. Who measures diagonally? Super villains, that’s who.

This is a test