Krups Barista

No more is your barista a sarcastic art history major who grumbles when you ask for a large instead of that venti nonsense. No, your barista is now sleek, two-tone black and silver machine.

The Krups Barista ($3,000) is the coffee machine that Q is going to install in James Bond’s next Aston Martin—we assume. It has a one-touch digital display that lets you customize every element of your brew, from strength, temperature, grind, flavour, and aroma, thanks to precision German engineering. Once you’ve nailed down your winning combination, you can save it to the machine’s favourites. After that, you can turn it to self-clean mode, again thanks to German engineering.

Worried about spending three grand on a top-of-the-line machine? Well, we suggest figuring out how much you’re spending already; if it’s in the one trip a day to a premium coffee spot, you’re in financial justified territory.

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