Life Hammer

In our big list of emergency situations to worry about, “trapped in a submerged car” is probably below “choke on a pretzel” or “fistfight with a shark”, but it happens, and when it does happen, we don’t want to be the guy struggling to remember the steps from the Worst Case Survival Handbook, or looking up Wikihow. After all, that’s impractical and their advice is terrible.

Anyway, there’s thankfully a toy that’ll solve our problem. The Life Hammer Evolution ($26) will break that car safety glass no problem, and it can even cut through a seatbelt in a pinch. You can discreetly mount your safety hammer on the side of your door, and when you’re sinking into a river as a result of your left turn at Albuquerque, you simply put the hammer against the window, hit a button, and an ultra-hard ceramic hammerhead pops out, shatters the glass, and the hammer reequips. I case you need to hammer any sharks on your way up, we guess.

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