Review: Hillsound Freesteps6 Crampons

In the name of fun, we’ve been wearing these Hillsound Freesteps6 Crampons ($40) on our trips to the river for some fly-fishing. In the name of testing, we took them to an ice rink and a walk-in freezer. Here’s what we found.

What We Liked

They’re light: no one is going to mistake these crampons for Arctic gear. You barely notice them on your shoes.

They’re easy to use: the elastomer harness makes slipping these crampons on and off pretty easy, even when your fingers are wet and cold.

There’s a big heel spike: if you’re walking downhill, you’ll appreciate this.

What We Didn’t

These aren’t the crampons for the extreme outdoorsman: if you’re planning on winter camping, look for a heavier set of crampons.

They will tangle: we recommend you store these guys individually.

Bottom Line

If you’re fishing, ice fishing, trail running, or even if you just have crappy neighbours who won’t shovel their walks (looking at you, people in 49-b), these are the crampons for you. Maybe even keep a set in the emergency kit in your car. At $40, why not?

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