SnapRays Guidelight

We generally cover three types of gear around here: gear that is dumb but entertaining (we’re looking at you, $42,000 hot tub boat), gear that is cool and stylish, and gear that is boring and practical. SnapRays Guide Lights ($12, finishing up it’s run on Kickstarter, is certainly in the latter category. Guess what, though? That’s usually the stuff we end up buying.

Basically, SnapRays is making a guide light that installs over a regular electrical outlet. It doesn’t require any additional hardwiring, the lights are long-lasting (to the tune of twenty-five years LEDs), and a sensor turns the lights on when it’s dark. Simple, boring, and intensely practical—what’s that phrase we hate? Shut up and take our money? Yep, that’s it—and it’s apt.

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