Stir Kinetic Desk

We’re of two minds when it comes to furniture design. On the one hand, you get really beautiful, artisanal stuff made with reclaimed wood (like this Olga Guanabara Walter Desk), and we love that. On the other hand, you get really cool high tech stuff like this Stir Kinetic Desk ($TBD), and that’s pretty cool too.

How high tech, you ask? Well, it comes with a microprocessor, is controlled with a touchscreen, has an outlet hub you can hid behind a panel, and not only will it adjust from sitting to standing positions, it’ll learn how you best work and adjust accordingly. Spend the morning standing and sit at around 11:00 to read the news? It’ll learn that pattern. It even has a sensor that tells it when someone approaches it. It’s like a co-worker. But helpful.

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