TeleGeography’s Submarine Cable Map

There’s nothing quite as handsome as a vintage map, right? Look again; this new map by TeleGeography (click here for the interactive version) plots the undersea cables that make up the majority of our communications infrastructure. By “majority”, we mean around 99% of internet, telephone, and private data traffic.

Though the system is extensive, it can be precarious. Cables can be damaged by fishing trawlers, earthquakes, possible malicious action, and sometimes even stolen.

The genius of this particular map is that it combines an antique aesthetic with modern data. The washed-out watercolours and gentle lines of the geographical part of the map don’t clash with the sharp lines of the undersea cables; the two parts compliment each other.

Even though we don’t have a dedicated map room just yet, we want this on our wall now.

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Submarine Cable Map, $250

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