The Insanity of Fast Food Twitter Accounts

While the recent hack of Burger King’s Twitter feed to make it appear as if some malicious entity at McDonald’s was in the midst of a hostile takeover garnered most of the (and it’s sad this is what passes for newsworthy in 2013) “headlines,” the imbroglio glossed over a far more sinister reality:

People — hundreds of thousands of people — are following fast food chains on Twitter.

First of all, the need for anyone to use Twitter ever is, at best, questionable.

But that aside, there are actual humans (along with many, many cleverly designed spam bots) re-tweeting poorly Instagram’d images of Egg McMuffins and sharing their plans for the day with a corporate entity that employs 1.8 million people and made nearly 27 billion dollars in 2012 by serving grease-laden “meals” to the world’s poor, desperate and/or drunk.

For a detailed analysis of the growing insanity, the experts at Cracked eviscerate the Stockholm Syndrome-like interactions of people who follow fast food chains (or pretty much any corporate Twitter feed), though we agree missives written from the perspective of an ursine coprophiliac might be worth a look.

[Why McDonald’s Has the Most Insane Twitter Account]

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