Top 3 Toys from Husqvarna

If you recently noticed popularity around industrial and professional products being offered at retail level, it’s a trend marketers call the ‘pro-sumer’. And the so-called ‘pro-sumer’ wants more out of the product than the average person can buy, but also not invest thousands in industrial equipment that is hard to maintain.

Companies like Go-Pro, Costco, and Rona have noticed this growing demand for professional equipment to be in the hands of the average consumer, and are successfully addressing it. Husqvarna is the latest and so far the top brand for addressing the same trend in household, gardening and power equipment.

We were recently invited to an interactive preview of Husqvarna’s new lineup for 2013, and were thoroughly impressed. Below is a rundown of the top items they have to offer for the season and what makes them so great:


Husqvarna is now the first manufacturer to put out an AWD lawnmower. So if you have hilly terrain or manage your own backyard golf course, this is ideal for those grassy knolls and inclines. To make things easier, many of the modern Husqvarna lawnmower models feature a small nozzle on the metal cover. A special hose clip, a turn of the engine, and the machine cleans itself—Husqvarna HU800AWD.



How often do you find yourself staring at that big pile of leaves in your yard wishing it would all just magically blow onto your neighbour’s property? Although it’s fun to play in the leaves as a family, you would most likely have to head back to Home Depot to buy more bags the next day. With Husqvarna’s new blower/mulcher combo unit, picking up leaves is made infinitely easier, not to mention cheaper and faster. The unit is also more stable and gives off less vibration to your hands. Moreover if you used ten bags before, you’ll only need one now. Husqvarna 125BVx.


One Engine, Many Tools

Wouldn’t it be nice to come across a product that has stellar functionality, great reviews and a reasonable price? We’ll make it easier for you, search for the Husqvarna 324 LDx or 128 LDx. If you are only going to get one tool this season, this is it. Multiple attachments can turn this from a weed-whacker to a hedge-trimmer in a matter of minutes; and what’s the best part? Many tools, only one engine to clean and maintain. Husqvarna 128LDx.


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