VU Slidestrap

What, we haven’t figured out the camera strap yet? It’s a strap that attaches to a camera, right? Well, according to the people at VU Equipment: no, not good enough. That’s why they’re launching the VU Slidestrap on Kickstarter—today.

So what does the VU Slidestrap ($48) have going for it? Two key things: it holds your camera against you ergonomically, and it lets you draw your camera to your eye without adjusting—you just slid your camera up and down said strap. It’s cross-body design holds weight easily and won’t cause your camera to bounce around a lot, like one worn around the neck would, and its mounting plate makes sure that the lens faces downward, so you won’t knock it against stuff. Finally, the strap itself is made of soft cotton, and it has an aluminium mounting plate that slides up and down the strap without you adjusting any fasteners. Your camera won’t slip around, though; the plate has a rubber pad preventing exactly that.

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