Yellow Jacket iPhone Stun Gun Battery Extender Case

Don’t care for emergency backup batteries? Annoyed that Tasers are prohibited weapons in Canada? Well, take paranoia to new heights with the Yellow Jacket iPhone stun gun / battery  case ($140). They come in black, pink, white, and yellow, so there’s that.

Anyway, your surely-illegal-in-Canada-but-par-for-the-course-in-the-States-weapon can do two things. One: it can add up to twenty extra hours to your phone’s batter life, which the iPhone sorely needs. Two: it can zap someone with 650,000 volts of electricity . . . although, no word on how effective it is when you’re running low on juice. Anyway, here’s what that kind of shock looks like. Incidentally, we assume that the Yellow Jacket will soon star in those kinds of videos very shortly, instead of this harmless-looking ad:


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