ZAPS Survival Grenade

Need something in a survival kit that’s lightweight, convenient, and designed by a marine? Look no further than the ZAPS survival grenade ($70). It contains: one steel shackle,, one spring link (max. load bearing weight 350 lbs.), one compass, one wire saw, three ready-made wire snares with anti-escape swivels for catching small game, one Ferro cerium fire-starter with striker, three pieces of tinder, a 30’ braided stealth fishing line (50 lbs. test), three fish hooks, six sinkers, two barrel swivels, one knife blade, one sheet of aluminum foil, two safety pins, a one-gallon Ziploc bag for carrying water, three windproof/waterproof matches (fifteen second burn time) and match striker, one large needle for small repairs and wound suturing, 20’ of black thread, six water purification tablets, a whistle, 45’ of 550 paracord, and several feet of duct tape. There’s also a little manual that tells you how to use all this stuff . . . though you may want to consult said manual prior to a zombie apocalypse.

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