The best websites and apps for your summer travels

When it comes to traveling, the importance of planning is key to a successful trip. From researching, to coordinating, to purchasing, it quickly can become overwhelming especially with many travel resources available at the tips of our fingers—quite literally.

To narrow it down, here’s a list of the top five tools that will help you make the most out of your summer travel plans.

  1. Airbnb is an online marketplace with rental listings from 190 countries and with over 3,000,000 listings including apartments, homestays, hostel beds, and beyond. According to the Travel App Performance Index released by California-based Packet Zoom, it was ranked number one with a search time of 2.1 seconds.
  2. TripAdvisor is best known for its user-generated content, a collection of reviews for bars, restaurants, hotels, and airlines. It comes in handy for finding highly recommended places near your current location when you use the Near Me function.
  3. GoFro allows users to compare holiday packages offered by all the leading travel companies such as Thomas Cook and MakeMyTrip. It’s a one-stop destination for  those looking to purchase a travel package.
  4. Kayak is a useful app for finding the lowest airfares, hotels, and rental cars. With only a few easy clicks, you can plan your entire vacation. Additional features include KAYAK Trips, Explore, and Price Forecast.
  5. VizEat (a play on the word ‘visit’) brings a new concept to the table in which users can connect with locals to have an authentic culinary experience such as dinners, cooking classes, or food tours at locals’ homes. There are over 120,000 members in 119 countries.

Other useful apps: Consider both a currency converter and a language translator for your travels abroad. An in-app language translator tool helps to overcome anxiety associated with the language barrier as well as aids in your daily transactions with native speakers. A currency converter is useful for finding accurate exchange rates and nearby exchange bureaus.

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