5 Style Secrets Every Man Should Know

When it comes to styles and trends people are quick to jump on the next bandwagon rather than appreciating your true individuality. It is easy to look at an outfit using it as inspiration rather than valuing your personality and appearance. Looking good should not be dependant on what other people wear, looking good is taking details into consideration and finding the right balance. Because of that we have come up with a few style secrets every man should know.

The Finer Details

When you’re wearing a full three-piece suit, the finer details are as important as balancing each and every individual component of the suit. Think cuff-links and think pocket squares. These two individual items can never be over looked and those who want to the sharpest man in the room never over look the small details. Look and feel the part with these small details adding the finishes touches of your outfit.

Utilise Your Individuality 

Finding the right style for individualism is the key to feeling good. If you look better in smart clothing, cater to those needs and find the perfect balance between your appearance and your style. Never think you’re over doing anything, as if it makes you feel good, you will look good. Embody your style and let everyone reap the benefits of your own personal style. Have the confidence and you shall always be the sharpest man in the room.

You Need High Quality Shoes

Fashion shows are a perfect example of how shoes control your whole outfit. People are continuously staring at your feet, so ensuring you have a slick, smooth and well- maintained pair of shoes is important to your whole outfit. There is a variety to choose from including monk straps, loafers, brogues and even Chelsea boots. Again, it all falls down to individuality.

Make The Most Of Blazers

By making the most of blazers, it is essential to get a fitted, tailored blazer. Let the blazer fit seamlessly on your upper body and make yourself feel stylish, confident and unique. There are various amounts of designs to choose from, so why not take them into consideration? Don’t settle for second best when it comes to style.

Do You Have The Correct Balance?

Don’t be fooled into thinking each and every style can fit with one another. Finding the correct of balance of your individualism. For example, using bright yellow pants and a pink top will make you look like a clown rather than a stylish individual. Consider the colour to be on your upper body and finish it with black trousers and smart shoes.

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